Small and medium-sized businesses often shy-away from communications and public relations agencies because quite honestly, it can be hard to justify the expense. We get it. However, these are the businesses that can benefit from communications and public relations support the most. And, Monkey Chatter’s transparent and flexible approach makes it possible.

We deliver customised communications strategies, communications and stakeholder engagement plans and marketing communications campaigns that address unique business and communications goals, and importantly, fit within budgets. We advise on the marketing communications opportunities that add the most value, and we’ll give you options that will deliver the best outcomes for your business.

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If you’ve got this far, then we’re so happy that you’re interested in finding out more about how a comprehensive, coordinated and consistent strategy for your business communications can align with your business goals.

We’ve intentionally kept the online overview of Monkey Chatter’s services brief, but if you want additional detail, please get in contact. We’d love to chat more about your business needs.


We want your business to thrive and your brand communication to effectively tell your story, because successful businesses need to create connections to facilitate trust and positively influence public perception of your brand. That’s the magic.

Monkey Chatter offers two package plans that provide great value for money - offering transparency, accountability and flexibility.

Monkey See Package

Benefit from 10 hours of business and communications support, which can be used over a 6-month period, for just $1300*.

Monkey Do Package

Benefit from a monthly retainer of 8 hours of business and communications support, which can be used on any services, for just $900* per month for a 6-month period.

*All figures are in AU$ and exclude GST


Monkeys are intelligent, fun, spontaneous and social animals that rely on verbal and non-verbal communication to thrive. Did you know that group of monkeys is called a troop, and the troop plays, nurtures and works together to take care of each other? We love that! And, it sums up our approach at Monkey Chatter, where we decipher the indecipherable.

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0466 598 098 | chat@monkeychatter.com.au


Leveraging 20 years international experience, in multiple sectors and highly multicultural environments, we offer clients unparalleled experience, expertise and perspective.

Coming from an in-house environment, our Troop Leader has extensive knowledge in communications strategy development and execution, internal and external communications program management, and the development and management of stakeholder engagement programs.

At Monkey Chatter, we love collaborating with fellow creatives so, when required, we will grow the troop ‘virtually’ to ensure we continue to deliver the best outcome for clients.